Websites, Tying in Your Brand, and Message

The majority of our clients already had websites in place for their businesses.  Upon closer research, we discovered that either the websites were done themselves (terribly) using stock cookie-cutter templates provided by services like GoDaddy, Wix, or Squarespace. 

We’ve seen some incredible sites provided by the aforementioned templated sites, but they were rare as there was a perfect storm of proper fitting theme and functionality that only comes from high-level methodic use.  

On the flip side, our accounts don’t want to learn to do their own site while they are busy running their business their way. 

Instead, we interpret the best approach for our clients and develop the site our way in their vision. 

Updating, adjusting, and modifying your site is a large task that you might not want to handle.  So let us do that for you. 

Our programming is a work in progress WITH YOU, rather than a build-it-and-walk-away situation which we’ve seen and picked up the pieces from others. 

Details like making sure your site represent properly on desktop and mobile is a big detail that old websites didn’t account for.  Tie in all of our other tricks with Spark, and you have another daunting task taken off your plate. 

Contact us today to review your website needs. 
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