Tiktok for Ads?!

Did you know that opportunists use TikTok to show off their businesses? I know! Me neither.

I was scrolling through TikTok last night and saw this how-they-make their burgers. And it is amazing to watch, you get hooked immediately! And scrolling through comments a lot of people were commenting how it looks good and wants to try it.
Now that is a good way to promote a business!

Being the most downloaded app in 2020, TikTok is said to have 689 million monthly active users and 2 billion app store downloads. There’s a decent probability that you’re right if you think that at least some of those 689 million people are part of your target market. This appears to be a marketing goldmine, especially since there may be less competition because other firms are hesitant to join in.

At such times like this, social media advertising is pretty much most businesses use to promote their businesses. And Tiktok might be one of them, especially if your target were the young people. TikTok reports that 80% of all users are between the ages of 16-34 years old.

Does that mean that it is a disadvantage to use Tiktok since its audience sums up to younger people? Certainly not!

Reposting is a thing in social media!

The habit of re-posting TikTok videos to other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter is quite popular. You can use the extensive TikTok editing tools to generate video content for your followers if you have an active audience on those other profiles.

And our team can help you to promote your businesses on social media! That’s right, even on Tiktok! Message us!