Print, In Today’s Digital Age

While technology continues to travel at light speed with smarter devices, and more intense applications, print is still a tried and true tool that should continue to be leveraged for any business.

We may have discarded the phonebook/yellowpages in it’s physical and heavy nature, but if you look at your mailbox, you’re still getting coupons, flyers, and sale offers. This is an obvious tell that print is to this day, still being invested into.

The question becomes, how do you use it to your advantage? Well those ideas tie in nicely with what we do. We can either tie in a campaign online uniformly with physical print, or run a split campaign with other ideas to attract more business, branding, and engagement.

Loyalty programs are HUGE, if you don’t have one, you need one. It’s free customer activity information that you should be integrating, and often loyalty programs start with simple printed invites, punch cards, and offers (though again in a digital age, this can be achieved on your website or APP). However, you may still be dealing with old school individuals that prefer the physical holding of paper.

Another obvious use for print include large format posters and banners. These attention grabbers still work effectively as long as your message and graphic is in line. If you are operating a bricks and mortar business, consider this. The investment is a small trade for the exposure.

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