Marketing Cake … How does yours taste?

Marketing is a cake. Not to be confused with a cake-walk which it is definitely not. To make a delicious mouthwatering cake, you need great ingredients, proper proportions, and patience. Sometimes the cake will come out perfect, sometimes … it needs more love. Of which you course correct and try again.

Some of the ingredients are obvious. Product, place, price, promotion. Others are not, and these are what give your cake a special and unique flavor. Things like current trends, experiential elements, polished production value are often what takes a store-bought chocolate cake that does the job and elevates it to a decadent, multi-layered, red velvet, moist tower of exquisite taste. Our mouths are watering typing this out. Same as yours should when you think about your marketing cake.

Our team of bakers doesn’t pretend to be top-chef executive master bakers. Instead, we are in that kitchen with you, showing you what we’ve baked beautifully, and telling you what we’ve burnt or messed up on. We’ve found that those less than stellar experiences are great course-correcting moments, and worth sharing all the same.