Have You Had Your Check-Up? (Social Media Audits)

Most businesses seem to set it and forget it. Just like any physical by a doctor, or tune up by a mechanic, you need to keep an eye on what’s going on and where you’re going. The strategies and tactics you used in 2015 are going to be vastly different to what you should be doing today. Heck, things you did last month might already be outdated.

Have you take a look at your content on your platforms to make sure it matches the story you are trying to tell?

Are you engaging your followers so they know you are a real entity that interacts with them?

How is your growth on your platforms?

Have you updated your website recently?

These are only a few of the multitude of questions that need to be checked often.

We do a full social media and digital audit for accounts to make sure they are doing a good job in today’s online landscape.

This includes analyzing:

  • social media platforms
  • website content and traffic
  • growth and interaction analytics
  • content and frequency scores

… to name a few.

Request your social media audit from us today. (Did we mention it is free?)