Care A Little, Care A Lot

I recently had the (dis)pleasure of needing an electrician. Totally not my world to work with trades people, but I called around and asked friends for referrals. I ended up with a trusted referral from a good acquaintance.

He visited and did a walkthrough to see the work we were inquiring about and then said he would get back to me with a quote. I waited for weeks, with no reply or follow up.

I reached out to him again, and he was even more gruff than when we first met on his walkthrough. His attitude on the phone was terrible! He made it seem like it was my fault that he was behind on his work, and also that I was seemingly bothering him. Wow. “I’ll get to your quote when I’m not busy.” Double WOW.

I called my friend who referred him and said this guy is not getting my work. Perhaps it’s too small, or he’s one of the lucky individuals who doesn’t need the business, but I’m happy to award the work to someone else.

I found a new quote and electrician in 48 hours. That electrician is going to get my referral for an entire franchise chain in Calgary that has 8 locations, that asked me who I was using.

Moral of this story is karma.

Be kind, care a little if not care a lot. The universe will reward.

This is a cautionary tale for any business or brand on how NOT TO BE.