Branded Masks – Unite Your Staff!

Last month I noticed that one of my favourite and busiest restaurants had staff that were sporting their own masks. Uniforms were on point, but the masks all differed with one member sporting their support for the Calgary Flames, while another had a army camo as a pattern.

I get the individuality of each person, but this left the establishment feeling, unfinished or uniform.

So we recently outfitted the entire staff and ownership group with branded masks that allow customers to fixate on the proper brand and logo of the company. The masks look sharp, and everyone has the same. This small detail actually garnered huge praise with the patrons, and allowed staff to show their support even when they are OFF duty!

If you are paying staff to work for you on site, you wouldn’t want them to wear just any clothing, it’s the same with today’s norm, masks. It’s worth the investment.

We currently outfit two layer, and three layer non medical masks with breathable cotton fabric that has ear adjustment dongles, a chin flap that comfortably tucks underneath, and a premium metal nose bridge clamp that can be readjusted at any time.

We do advise that these masks are hand washed and air dried for maximum re-use and longterm durability.